Property Law

See Downie Stewart Property Lawyers Dunedin for advice on all aspects of Property Law.

Residential:  When buying or selling your home the advice of an experienced property lawyer is strongly advised.  There is so much at stake and so many traps for the unwary that your rights in any property transaction really need to be protected.

Property Development:  We can advise on all aspects of subdivision and property development assisting you from your initial concept to the issue of titles and completion.

Commercial Property:  Our commercial property lawyers act for many landlords and tenants and are able to provide quality advice on all aspects of commercial property and financing, ownership, leasing and occupation. 

Rural Property: We have wide experience in the rural sector and can provide a senior rural property lawyer to guide you through any farm transaction.

We can advise on:
  • Agreements for sale and purchase
  • Refinancing including sourcing finance
  • Subdivisions and developments
  • Cross leases
  • Easements
  • Unit titles
  • Commercial leasing
  • Residential tenancies
  • Sales to trusts
  • Property sharing agreements
  • Sourcing insurance

Paul Buckner leads our property law team which includes, amongst others, Paul Hubbard, Jane Fletcher and Julia Oliver.

Paul Buckner 

     Paul Hubbard



Jane Fletcher

 Julia Oliver

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