Criminal Law

Downie Stewart is committed to ensuring that representation of our clients in the criminal courts is to the highest standard.

If you are charged with an offence, we can help. Common areas we regularly assist with include:

  • Driving offences
  • Limited licences ("work" licences for those suspended or disqualified from driving)
  • Drugs offences, both possession and supply
  • Violence offences, including domestic violence
  • Theft offences, including receiving and burglary
  • Fisheries Act offences
  • IRD and Council prosecutions
  • Department of Corrections prosecutions (eg Breach of Community Work)
  • Proceeds of Crime cases
  • Parole Board hearings

Our approach is firstly to rigorously investigate and put forward a defence to any charge and secondly, if required, to negotiate with the Police to try to limit the stress and risk of a criminal prosecution to our clients.

If you have limited financial resources an application for Legal Aid can be made.  We can assist with this process and will generally accept such appointments.  All of our criminal lawyers are Lead Providers in the areas of Criminal Law, Mental Health and under the Police Detention Scheme.

Our criminal litigation team includes Jim Guest, Gerard De Courcy, and J Lovely. In practice it is J Lovely  who handles most cases.  If required, independent specialist barristers may be briefed to provide additional expertise or resources on a case by case basis.

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