The Spam Act

The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 (known colloquially as the Spam Act) prohibits an individual or company from sending unsolicited commercial electronic messages, also known as 'spam', to, from or within New Zealand.
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Buying a Vineyard?

It may sound ideal tending to your vines and relaxing later with a glass of your own pinot in hand. However, with established vineyards selling for upwards of $80,000 a hectare, buying a vineyard can prove to be an expensive undertaking if details are overlooked in the initial stages. It goes without saying that the financial aspects of buying a vineyard are vitally important. However, buyers must also fully understand aspects of the property itself and any related issues to avoid problems after settlement.
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Separating? Dont Forget Your Will

When you are separating, don't forget to ask about updating or making a Will and your Enduring Powers of Attorney. If you don't do this your former partner could still benefit under your Will until your marriage or civil union is dissolved.
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Have You Just Separated?

A relationship break-up is stressful for both parties and it can become more complicated if children are involved. If you have property or children together, a trip to your lawyer is going to be inevitable. We have some suggestions below that will help you not only prepare for that appointment with us but also will help around the separation process.
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Selling Land & Restricting Use

Landowners commonly want to place restrictions on the use of land when they decide to sell it, particularly if they are retaining some neighbouring land. This article explains how this can be done by arranging a land covenant and what it entails.
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Casual Employment

Two recent Employment Court cases have clarified the law on casual employees. Generally, a casual employee is one who has no expectation of on-going employment and their employment terminates at the end of each engagement.
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