Changes to the healthy homes standards came into force on 12 May 2022. The changes primarily affect the heating standards, but there are also modifications to ventilation, moisture ingress and drainage standards.

Heating: If your rental property was built to the 2008 Building Code and the insulation and glazing meets the 2009 insulation and glazing standards, you can apply the new heating formula when assessing your property's heating obligations. This acknowledges that modern homes are generally warmer, dryer and easier to heat than older properties. The changes allow the fitting of a smaller heating unit in your rental and, as an added benefit for tenants, a smaller unit uses less power.

Ventilation: The standards now allow for certain existing continuous mechanical ventilation systems to comply with the ventilation standards. The key is, however, that the system must extract the air outside, meaning HRV and DVS systems won't be sufficient. If you already have a continuous mechanical ventilation system in place, you may not need to do further work to comply with this requirement.

Moisture ingress and drainage: Additional guidance is available in relation to moisture barriers, particularly where installation is not reasonably practicable in the subfloor area.

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