Health and Safety Toolkit

New government-endorsed health and safety toolkit now available

SafePlus, a new government-developed and endorsed health and safety toolkit, is now available to all New Zealand businesses, including those in the rural sector.

SafePlus currently consists of three products:
1. Resources and guidance
2. Independent onsite assessment and advisory service, and
3. Online self-assessment tool (available mid-2018).

The launch of the independent onsite assessment and advisory service includes the SafePlus register of independent accredited assessors so businesses can now directly engage with assessors.

For more information about SafePlus, click here.

How to Recover Undisputed Debts

When the court makes a decision that an individual or business is owed a debt, it issues a judgment order telling the debtor that they must pay the creditor. However, often creditors are left wondering what happens if the debtor doesn't pay. Find out how the court can assist you in recovering an undisputed civil debt. Read more…

Nuptial Settlements

Have I made one?

The law around trusts is ever-changing particularly with relationship property and matrimonial issues. The courts continue to chip away at the trust as an appropriate vehicle to protect assets against a relationship breakup. Read more…

Employment (Pay Equity and Equal Pay) Bill – What could this mean for your business and your employees?

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Judgments of Rural Interest

Farmers unsuccessful in their claim against rural contractor

In May this year the High Court released its judgment in the case of A P and A W Hughes Limited v Lyall (A P and A W Hughes Limited v Lyall [2017] HC 1109 [26 May 2017]). In 2014 Allan Lyall was contracted by A P and A W Hughes Limited to harvest a pea and barley crop for silage. When the silage was opened for feeding, which was three months after harvest, it was found to be in poor condition. The farmers attempted to sue the contractor for $300,000 worth of damage to the silage crop seeking compensation for the loss of winter feed.  Read more…

Retiring as a Trustee?

There's a process that should avoid any problems down the line
Many people agree to act as trustees of trusts set up by friends or relatives on the basis that they wish to help out or assist their friend or relative in some way. Eventually it comes time to retire as trustee for reasons such as age, the winding up of the trust or other changes of circumstance. Read more…

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